When it comes to your divorce and real estate, it can be a particularly emotional decision. After all, this could be where you raised your children and had dreams of the future. It’s important to allow yourself to feel your emotions and then to start to put a plan into action based on facts as well as your emotional needs. This very well could be a difficult process so arming yourself with the facts will help you in making the best decisions for you and your family. 

Some of this may not be up to you as it could end up in the hands of a judge so it is important to:

1. Make sure you feel your emotions but don’t make any big decisions or sign any documents until you’ve analyzed the facts and taken adequate time to consider your options in your divorce.

2. Get outside advice from a few qualified experts like a financial planner, CPA, attorney and Real Estate broker before signing any documents. You may want to get a few different opinions from different professionals. Be sure to consider implications on different types of accounts you have and how that may affect your taxes in the future such as capital gains tax.

3. If you do decide to sell your home, hire a real estate broker with expertise on handling divorces. An experienced agent can help answer to questions like, “Can I sell before the divorce is final or do I need to wait? How will the proceeds be split at closing? Do I need to talk with them through this process or not? 

A seasoned expert can guide both parties and make sure you maximize your profit!

With over 20 years of proven experience, there isn’t anyone who is more equipped to handle even the most difficult real estate questions and situations than Amber and her team. Contact us and we would be happy to help guide you through this process.

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