We’re so close to spring, and the market is fantastic. We’re seeing homes selling with great terms, quickly, and at incredible price points. The process of putting your home on the market has become fast and exciting, and comes with many benefits. We’re here to provide clarity on the top 4 specific advantages of listing your home in the market today.

  1. The first benefit of listing your home now is that properties are selling at record-breaking prices. We’ve seen homes sell for as much as $100,000 over asking. The low inventory is causing bidding wars, and we’re witnessing homes selling with remarkable terms.
  2. The second benefit of selling now is waived inspections! Buyers are waiving inspections that are usually found in purchase offers, and sellers are experiencing the benefits of less repairs without inspection. This allows sellers a hassle-free home sale with minimal work and restorations.
  3. The third advantage is that homes are selling fast. The average time a home is currently on the market is just five days! With less time on the market, sellers are experiencing a shorter timeframe of potential buyers in and out of their home. For sellers, this is a safer and less stressful experience.
  4. Finally, if you list your home now, you may be able to stay in your home even after you close. Sellers are seeing money in their pockets faster, and experience ample time to search for their next property, or save for moving expenses.

It’s really an exciting time to list, and you may be surprised at what your home could sell for. These top four advantages are allowing sellers a unique experience, with less work and high reward. We are always here to answer any questions you may have.

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