Whether you’re a cat person or dog person, one thing we have in common is that we love our furry family members! The great thing is that you can include them in your home buying process or remodel. Here are some things to think about if you want to purchase a pet-friendly home:

1. Durable flooring. Look for homes that have hardwood, laminate or stone or ceramic tiling. Not only does this type of flooring keep cooler during the warmer days, but it’s also more forgiving and easier to clean up those accidents. If do you choose a home with traditional hardwood floors, make sure they are made from harder woods, such as mahogany or oak. Softer woods tend to scratch and dent.

Tip: Keeping your pet’s claws shortened helps keep your hardwood floors shining!

2. Washable Paints. Make sure the rooms where your pets roam free are painted with a semi-gloss paint. This allows for easy washing from cats and dogs rubbing against the walls. If you find your dream home and it’s painted in a matte finish, you can always paint the rooms after closing!

3. A pet-friendly entryway or mudroom. More and more dogs are traveling with us so having a pet-friendly entryway makes it easier to keep the dirt they attract from coming in.  Make sure the flooring is durable and can withstand those wet paws during the winter months. If you have room for furniture, make sure you choose washable and durable fabrics and think about adding a cabinet for easy storage to hide pet supplies such a dog leash, toys, pet wipes to clean dirty paws, treats and baggies.

(Warning: Do not keep dogs in the car on days warmer than 70 degrees).

4. Creating a Favorite Space. Dogs love their own space and cats love to perch and climb. Look for a creative space for your puppy’s bed,

maybe beneath cabinetry or under a window seat. Consider building a cat perch in an open space and make sure it’s the same color as the room to blend in or designate a special drawer or cabinet just for them.

5. Food bowls. Consider giving up drawer to create a space for your pet’s food and water bowls.
Photo Source: kathykuohome.com/blog

6. Yard. Make sure the yard is fenced in so your dogs can run off-leash. Also, check to make sure plants are toxic-free. If there are toxic plants, you can always remove them before you move into your new home.

7. A place to add a doggie or cat door. Check to see if there is a door or space that would work to install a doggie or cat door to get in-and-out of the home safely.

The first step for our team at the Amber Bill’s Real Estate Group when buying a home is to sit down with you to find out your real estate goals. What are the must-haves? If you want to purchase a home that has the potential to be animal-friendly, let us know! We will only show you homes that we know will fulfill this and other goals you have laid out. We want to help you find the perfect home that meets your goals within your budget.

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