Winters in the Pacific Northwest are cold and rainy and our patios and decks can become bland and lackluster. Now that summer is almost upon us, it’s time to spruce up our outdoor spaces for enjoyment during the warm summer nights and weekends. Here are 10 fun ideas to consider:

      1. Add some cozy ambiance for late night dinners and entertaining friend by adding lighting. Here’s a DIY idea: Build wooden planters with built-in posts to hanging string lights.


      2. Give your patio or deck a touch of vibrancy by adding a splash of color, including color patio furniture cushions, planters and other décor. (Read the source article for additional ideas)


      3. Create a gorgeous and inviting patio by adding cozy seating. (Read the source article for additional ideas)


      4. Add some romance to your patio by adding a swing. Here’s a unique idea if you have a covered patio or deck.


      5. Add a gazebo for styling and shade.


        6. Add some green by growing an herb garden and a planter box or pot.

        7. Build this unique and beautiful solar foundation for your patio. Add some pond water plants for an added touch. (Read the article for instructions)