Is there a room or nook that is driving you crazy because there’s too much clutter? We understand and we’ve provided several tips to help you. Decluttering your home creates a refreshing and organized atmosphere and it’s often the number one thing we ask home sellers to do when putting their home on the housing market.

1. Clear off the Floor – Shopping around for creative storage solutions can create a feeling of a cleaner and calmer room. Install shelving units that allow you to arrange items neatly and openly. One idea to consider is adding shelving above the windows in your home.

2. Hide your storage – There are lots of ways to hide items that you seldom use. Add a cute and colorful tablecloth that not only accents the room but allows you to hide items underneath. You can also use the vertical space of your closet doors to store items as well.

3. Creative cabinetry – For your kitchen, try a pull-out pantry for all your dry goods and baking ingredients or add a door for shelving (to see more about this door idea, visit Craft.

4. Purge – The biggest way to declutter your home is to go through every room and donate or throw out items you no longer use. If you want to learn how to organize every room in your house, here is a good step-by-step process to help you by Abby Lawton.

5. Garage Ceiling storage – A great way to declutter your garage is adding garage ceiling track storage. You can store those plastic bins with all those holiday and seasonal items easily using this system. (Photo source: Family Handy Man)

6. Storage seating – Storage seating is a great way to organize your kids’ playroom. It acts as a toy box and a place to sit while watching TV with friends. Here are many other great ways to organize your kids’ playroom by HGTV.

If you’re looking to sell your home and want help staging it, call us! We’d love to help you reach your real estate goals.